Official TAO Packages

TAO is a Web application that can be installed on any computer and operating system.

What’s new in TAO 3.0:

  • Improved User Interface – clean and intuitive
  • Access Control – define user profiles based on roles and responsibilities
  • Mobile Test Delivery – take tests on iPad and Android mobile devices
  • Document Upload Capabilities – allow test-takers to easily upload documents as part of the response process
  • Portable Item Types – create your own portable item types, thanks to QTI PCI standard
  • And more…

To install TAO on a different system, please choose from the following:


  • Manual Install means you need to setup your own web server and install TAO on it.
  • Automatic Install takes care of the web server installation for you.
We Provide Commercial Support for the Version(s) Below:
Version Information Download
TAO 3.0 Latest Production Release - May 2015 Download (24.5 MB)
Download Test Drive Weekly Demo
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